10 facts about me,
1.I cry very easily when I get upset and feel lost
2.I appreciate everything of mine a lot
3. I love handmade stuff, especially cards
4. You wouldn't know me inside out, until you really step into my life.
5. I love to dress up.
6. I love eyes. I felt every girl have a different special way of themselves when you look into their eyes, or even boys.
7. I get very shy easily. Just that some people don't notice about it.
8. I'm very very scared of dark. I must sleep with a lamp in my room at night.
9. I feel very happy easily, when I feel appreciated, and when I feel blessed.
10.I've ultra small ears, but i can hear you very well.

What about you?
I spent 10 mins crying just now.
I felt so lost when I felt so foolish and dumb,
I don't know the way out to settle things like this.
I felt that I was too silly.

Sigh things will get better right?
Hope so.
Off to meet my love later.

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