Sunday, November 16, 2014


So hi all, I'm back with some casual updates! it's already november and it's kind of my favourite month of the year!! ;) everything seems to be getting better at this part of my life and i'm really thankful and blessed for all these that is happening to my life. 

This week's updates!

Out with my secondary school buddy which says all the funky photos we've, few days back when we went out for a simple dinner and simple catch up session.

And last night, it was Cleo's birthday! And the whole clan went out for some drinks over at Holland V! We went to Three Crowns and apparently they've the best music over all the pubs there. We were really lucky to get good seats and also good atmosphere and definitely a night out with them is always good as usual. Impromptu trip down to zouk after that! always a good night with them especially when everyone turns up!

But nevertheless, happy birthday cleocleo ;)

thank you for all the stuffs you've done for me whenever i needed someone to rant on or even when i needed help or even advices in things!! a blessing in my life hehe

Really blessed to have friends like you girls always here no matter how bad, or even how grey things can be, or even on good days. Thankful for all 4 of you ;) 


And definitely you girls have been noticing these pairs of earrings that have been on my photos lately? :)

It's sponsored by EtherealFay!

Thank you Katy for mailing it all the way from France and I really love them a lot!! 

Do check out her store for all kind of chunky earrings, feather earrings, they are really exclusive and you don't find them much around! 

They do ship worldwide too, check her store.

Happy Shopping! 


Sunday, October 26, 2014


There's a lot of things lately on my mind and I haven't been well for a long time 
until a week ago.

I've been losing focus, losing concentration on those days when i was struggling to be better and to be myself and to help myself, those were the days when i was really indeed upset with everything. 

But oh well, i haven't been here for a while and it's really time for me to update a little ;)

So in September, (omg i'm going all the way back)

me and my squad and the rest surprised joanne ;)

so this is one of the friend i'm kinda overly attached to, we used to hang out every single weekend on both friday, saturday. but at times, sunday too, but looking back at every thing, i kinda realise how much we've all grown up and how things are different and better now, but thank you for being a part in my life despite everything & all, and always my favourite little one ;) hehe

and few weeks ago I went for a flea and my girls in the squad r really sweet to pop by and say hi!! 
(includes seemin too!!)

after flea with joannnnnnne in town ;)

and a few weeks ago, met up with my favourite two people from my secondary school.
And basically we did a lot of activities in one day, we decided to bring back some childhood memories and went for ice-skating, bowling, and have simple dinner together. we ourselves are surprised that despite how busy we get in our individual lives, we don't forget about each other, we'll still find time to meet up and keep updated in each other's lives. ;)

And this was just, few days back. Met up with Janet, somebody that i kinda grew up with, looking back at those days when we can hang out late on friday nights without getting tired or feeling tired, or even not having to think about what our future gonna be like, miss those days when we just go out and have fun without having to think about what are we gonna do after graduation or even what's gonna be the best for us........ :'(

i miss days when i'm still in secondary school... feels like once i've hit the age of 17, i'm on my own for everything in my life and for the decisions i'm gonna make :( 

and this year halloweeeeeeeeeen.... i've decided to....

(it was super impromptu and i dont have any other ideas so i guess that kinda suit me... haha)

so let the photos do the talking~~ 

Comparing last year's halloween at zouk and this year's..... lesser people dressed up and the atmosphere was less enthu too :'( 

but nevertheless, had a great night with the company of my favourite people even though it's missing out a few of the people in my squad :( 

and to face the reality, it's already OCTOBER. end of october....

am feeling the blues of,


it's really time for me to sit down and really plan out my life and get all my shit together. i've been in a mess for so long and it's really time to get myself out of it. 

till then!!