Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I guess I was feeling all negative for the past 1 and a half year... but I'm glad that I did my best to pick myself up all over again and knowing more about self love, self discovery and everything else. I could remember days when I felt like " why was it my fault when things go wrong? " 

Learnt in a hard way that life is not always rainbows and butterflies all around you, life is tough and definitely life will be hard. But don't let little failures or little negativity in you stop you from doing what you love and what you do the best. 

I felt so free, so much of myself after everything. I love doing what I love and it doesn't stop me from not achieve my dreams. 

Hitting the bottom allows me to be so much stronger, 
I guess I've to thank all those people for that. 


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MAY 2015

Went for dinner last weekend and here's my outfit.

Lovin' the lace/mesh details and definitely the low v back cut. 

Pretty into chunky earrings and braids these days and i really can't wait to get my ass out of the country this month!!! so much have been planned hopefully things can go as it was all planned out! 

And for the month of may,

celebrated my babygirl's birthday! 

Her birthday falls on a Saturday, so the day before I actually went to zouk and I was having a hangover but but but.... I WOKE UP EARLY JUST TO SURPRISE HER AND SHE WAS SO SHOCK TO SEE US AT HER APARTMENT. 

hehe it all worked out well despite walking in the rain with balloons and having so many hiccups.

One of the best in my life, i love you krystle hehe since 7/8 years ago ;)

So, one of the weekend, went over to Janet's birthday! Her theme was nautical and she stated clearly of white/navy in her event page! Hence was in navy top and white skirt for the birthday! 

One of the longest friendship in my life too, happy birthday my dear girl, wish you well and happiness x ;)) 

Everyone is turning older.... and me myself too.

I'm turning 20 this year. And definitely everyone will come by to a stage in life whereby you dont know what will come to your life, you dont know what will be happening. You don't know about what are the opportunities coming to you, you don't know what's ahead of you.

Let's all enjoy this moment of youth, live in this moment, play hard, work hard, and definitely, hopefully you reap what you sow at the end of the day. 

I admit that i used to think back what do i do to deserve such things from happening in my life, then again when I think about all of them again. I should thank them. Thank them for happening in my life to make it a big lesson learnt. Big lesson learnt that I could be stronger, and tougher. Everything happen for a reason, so don't dwell in it. Don't. Dont think that you can never get over something that you have never tried before. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. Try leaving it for a while. Sometimes it brings comfort back to you too. 


Saturday, May 2, 2015

1/4 OF 2015...

So hey guys! It's already.... May right now. 1/4 of the year has already gone. 2015 is a year that i truly want to focus on myself and definitely on the things that needed to be done. I've been bumming for more than 16 months and i've been regretting on many decisions and many opportunities that i could take to further progress myself and things that will help me grow. I've been lazing around. It's time to get up, pick up and start all over again. It's okay to start from the bottom again, it's okay. Definitely, always believing that what matters the most is the results of all. 

So last month, i took a 1 week break off from work and headed off to bangkok to enjoy songkran! 
definitely it was a really good experience that i will never experience again, the true joy and simple happiness, the friendship we made with the thai locals over there. truly, one good experience. 

And how's life for all these days? Have been pretty troubled with many things, however I've took a little step back to look at things in another way, to think positive. To think that good things will definitely come to me again. It's all just temporary. 

So from my little update........ 

Shoes for the office, that i've finally worn it out one fine day!

Have been spending these few weeks catching up with people that i've not met for a long time, friends from secondary school, and from everywhere. The life crisis conversations we have, the office talks, about growing up. 

And definitely in the last photo, one of my very very very very old friend,
turned 21st! 

Happy birthday Vika! 

All the way back to, 2011, 2012, 2013.... 

Thank you for being one of the friend that always lend a helping hand when I needed help. Definitely remembering the days when I needed a pair of ears, I would just call you in the middle of the night and you will pick up the call for me. Remembering all the stupid secondary school days when we run to school every morning because we are one of those few students that were always late. One thing I like about is that, we are always there for each other. Despite different class, different schedules, we will wait for each other to end so we can just all go back together. Hehe thank you for you two for my secondary school days and even till today. Love you and krystle very much ;) but lastly, happy 21st again my friend!!! 

and oh yes! after a long period of hiatus..... we're back with a new collection! ;)

this time round, LBR will be going for a different direction this time.
 It's not going to be the same as the past anymore ;)

We're launched a couple of bohemian items.... party/work dresses too!

Faster grab your items!
Quote "LBR2015" for $5 off your items now! ;)


Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015, resolutions, be a better me x

It has been more than 10 months since I've been so quiet and so away from social medias and of course, doing things that I really love and like about. I've been away for too long and I've been away of not being the true me.

I used to be chasing a me that isn't me. That isn't someone me. I felt so uncomfortable and I felt I want to be out all day any day. This 2015, it'll be all about self-discovery and it'll be about adding values to the flowers that have yet to grow in me. It's been too selfless for too long and it's time for some self pampering. I've to stop chasing after things that aren't real, stop wasting time on artificial matters that shouldn't matter, and stop making the extreme efforts for people that never ever matter. This year. Will be a different one. 

2 months have passed. It's time to get up officially. 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sleeping with Sirens - James Dean & Audrey Hepburn

one of my favourite, and will always be.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015, be good x

I would say, 2014 has been one of the most rough year that I've ever been in my life. To be honest, as i grow older everyday, i do face difficulties and problems everyday. But in 2014, there were so many different issues that leads me to actually do a proper reflection on myself or even everything that I am doing. 2014, I took up a job and it kinda changed my thoughts on money, on everything and it made me a better person in regards to discipline, or even learning to appreciate every little thing around you. I used to be a spoilt child, and I admit that yes i do not come from a sliver spoon family, but my parents always give me the best that they can provide for me. And I truly appreciate everything they've ever done for me, always being so supportive of me even though there might be so many times that I've disappointed them. 

I've kinda stop doing a lot of things that I love in 2014 that made me felt like I haven't been really myself for a long long time. It's time to do some self-discovery on myself and some reflection. I haven't had much quiet time all these while. All these while I was busy chasing my another soul that isn't me. 

2014, I fell out of a relationship that actually taught me that some people deserve to stay in your heart instead of your lives even though you might love them. Love is not everything. Sometimes, they are just not yours to keep, they are just not yours. Sometimes, letting go of them can be happier for both party. To you, I wish you all the best. :') 

I'm looking forward to 2015, for the better and for everything to go smoothly. I love new year's, it's like a new beginning each time, new opportunity and new discoveries. 

Happy New Year to all, may 2015 be good and be well.


Saturday, December 20, 2014


Hello people!! So basically, today i've something new to show you guys....
(been waiting quite a while to be writing this post!!!)

So basically, I'm happy to share that Benta Berry Paris is finally here in Singapore!! :)

Dont know what to buy for your girlfriends, friends as christmas presents? :(

How about BB products? :)

Their lovely team have actually sent me a set of their products to try out ;)

There's something special and unique about their products because,

it's all NATURAL! 100% made up of natural ingredients, NO ANIMAL TESTED~ and you don't have to worry on having issues if you're having sensitive skin!

Basically I've very oily skin and when it comes to the end of the day, when it's time to wash off my make up, i could feel the oilyness on my face. Using these products as my daily cleanser actually helps my face to get less oily.

To me, skincare is really an important factor as you definitely do not want to have old and wrinkled skins or even acne skins when you're older, as it'll be harder to cure when you're slightly older, so always do take care of your skin every now and then, have a daily session of cleanse!

So basically, the founder of Benta Berry have came out with these range of products bascially for girls of the age group from 15-30!

There's 3 steps to actually achieving the best look using BB's products!

1) Cleanse

Made from pineapple (deep cleansing and regulating), mango (texture refining), lime (brightening) and coconut (softening).
It's important to have wash your face with cleanser daily as it helps to prevent any acnes on your face or cleans off any dirts on your face. 

2) . Exfoliate 
This treatment helps in removing dead skin cells using a subtle combination of active ingredients from fruits mainly from Brazil and Europe, its exfoliators brighten the face with the delicate action of apricot seeds. 

Will recommend the use of this two or three times a week!

3. Moisturize
This step is definitely a MUST, because when you wash your face, you tend to actually wash off a layer of moisture, hence you definitely have to keep your face in moist back and in the perfect shape again, recommended to use this daily!

They have it not specially for girls only.... but BOYS TOO! 
And not only they have facial products, they do have deodorant spray and body wash too!
All made up of natural ingredients, and what I love the most is the fruity smell of the body wash and the deodorant spray!

and definitely for healthier looking skin!!

Drinking water daily is really important! Do keep in mind of that ;)

Benta Berry Products are available at, http://www.bentaberry.sg
Check out their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/bentaberrysg
Thank you bb team for everything!