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I've got tons of overdued pictures not updated! Went for Jessie Cuzzie's 21st birthday last Saturday. All I did was eat eat chit chat talk walk their dog. Haha their dog's really cute and her name is baby. She's hyper active and she runs real fast. Haha if my baby cuzzie is walking the dog, I bet he would be lead by the dog rather than he leading the dog. Haha! Sunday headed to church as usual. I think I really got a very nice boyfriend.. as, my dearest boy gave me a surprise. He came all the way down to cck and waited for me there with two big carebears in his hands! I was like really touched you know.. Thanks baby for the lovely carebears :) I really luv being around you, though it might be only for a few minutes. I need to.. S-T-U-D-Y. School was boring to the core.

I was listening to this song attentively on my way home from school. It really reminds me of so much things I've been through. Thank God that I've made it to move on from the past to who I am now.
Shall go off now. Will be on hiatus! Haha i want more comments! <: Heh heh. I'll hug them so close to me, like how close you usually hug me.

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FARHANA:D said...

yo haha!! your carebears v cute, haha. really. anyway, yah stay pretty k!!! :D

SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

Regina !
Why remove tagboard siah siah?
Viewed and Commented !
Heees . (:


dementiaheart said...

What font are you using?

Anonymous said...

Did you dye your hair?
If you did, what colour?

Michelle Lim said...

oh yeah, about the top, change please! LOL.

Regina said...

To Michelle, haha sorry! I'll change it for you.
To Anonymous, Hmm yeah. I forgot what colour I dyed as I mixed the dye mixture :)
To dementiaheart, courier.
To Sabrina, Haha just remove lorh :)
To Farhana, Haha thankyou. :)

Ng Yuting said...

hoho, lover.
so sweett! i also want carebearsss!! arghhhhhhhhhh, jealous laaa D:
haha, loveyoumanymany ..

Anonymous said...

Did you act in the new show at channel9:00,together with shimin?Hahaha, just being curious:X

Rachel said...

Valentine relink please :)

Regina said...

Yuting > Haha yr birthday i buy for you? :) ^^
Rachel > Alright ^^
Anonymus > Yes i did :)

YANLINGG♥ said...

yohhyohh regina.
sua lorh, never link me..
and i saw you that day!!
hahahs, not with boyf arhs??
hahhas, jkjk, anyways,
takecares and stay pretty worhs(:

Chermainee Felice said...

Regina, relink me. :D

Regina said...

Yanling > Haha okay will link ya up. Url? :)
Chermaine > Haha alright ^^ will link ya up soon.

koooniexsz!B) said...

ohmygod yknow mrkoh in the sunday class like totally lost his sense of humour la!! you should have came for today's makeup lesson=/

koooniexsz!B) said...

thanks love for today.:-)

Joey said...

hey girl! happened to past by eur blog so came in to say hi!!!
take cares lots and link me up yea.

Regina said...

Kooonie > I've yet to post up so much stuffs ya! Luv you. haha i misses tution many! :(
Joey > Haha sure alright ^^

SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

Regina, my blog change to private lerh, gimme your email i inv you? (:


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