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Hi there, yes i know i've been away for quite a while. Keeping this space alive have been a pretty hard thing to do but I'll try and do my best alright? 

I've been lately feeling like, I haven't really been me for the past two years I guess. I'm feeling like I've been trying to keep myself in a shell where I don't belong or i don't ever belong. I'm just moving forward as fast as I could along with others where I don't feel that I should do this, or even this is the right thing I should be doing. I've been trapped. But right now, knowing that I've already gotten out of the maze, I should be doing something even different. It's just a day whereby i feel like i haven't been good enough, haven't been at my best, haven't been doing all the right things. 

I love sundays. Quiet Sundays especially, when i get to really sit down and think, and think about what do i really want, what do i really need. I don't have to be this lost or this crazy this insane to keep myself sane in my own shell. 

My outfit details for today,

On a side note, I've been reallly realllly excited to be launching something new on my store!!!!

So stay tune ok? I put in a lot and a lot of efforts in all this!!

Be right back soon xx

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Milex Roj said...

Ann Catherine Actub said...

I also love Sunday, or any day in a week where i can just sit around and cuddle in my bed. Anyways, i love your outfit and the background is so fascinating ^^

shanaz@RS said...

Regina! Come back. Will you do any more posts on this blog? I hope you're alright girl! Remember, whatever it is, you will conquer it! :D xx

Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

Milex xxx said...

Ann Catherine said...

I think everyone has a down moments days, just don't ever loose hope and keep the positive energy.

Emily Watson said...

This is a truly perfect location, and I can’t blame you for your perfect vision. Hope your new year is off to great start and that the magic never stops.
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Sam collin said...

Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)

Sam collin said...

SUPER SUPER SUPER you are a great model!!

Alice Abner said...

Wow! Nice Images are there in

Melanie Pangilinan said...

Hey girl! I am feeling the same way but at least we are still posting and not giving up on our blogs. =) Great style, just found your blog through Lookbook. See you around!

The Mel Division

Etan Matt said...

This dress is pretty classy and it looks great on you!

Hassan Shakir said...

Lovely Pictures.


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