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Hi it's 2011, finally. 2010.. I'd a hell out of that. It wasn't a pleasant year for me, I'm really glad for people who stayed thru 2010-2011 with me. I love you people like always and forever alright. There's many new things that i've learnt in 2010, I've learnt to be much more stronger, learnt to be my own support when someone tries to destory me. I've learnt many new things about life. Life is not just about a routine, but life is about learning how to love someone, learning how to care, learning how to be better, learning how to be even better at your best. 2010 had made me to look at things at a different point of view.. I don't look at things just by it's cover anymore. I'd learnt to feel it, learnt to touch it. 2011, let it be a better year. Let the past be the in the past, just gonna leave them behind. And it's gonna be a brand new start.

Thanks for walking 2010 with me, and starting 2011 with me too. I love you so much babyboy, you're the most special gift that god gave to me. God gave me you, to be the one who holds me, to lead me down the right path. God gave me you, to influence me. To be the right one not the wrong one. God gave me you, to be the one who make me feel all the love. God gave you me, to be the one who make sandwiches in the morning for you :) Haha. I l o v e y o u s o m u c h b a b y c a s p e r. The love of my life :)

I wanna be at my best in 2011. I'll. I wanna excel well. I wanna do well in everything. I wanna learn many new things. I want. And I'll. I'll show the world, actually, I'm something different than what you think about me. I'll do you guys proud, mom and dad. And people who have been always there for me.


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