Sourcing trip & Updates for the week

Hi people! I've been away for quite a bit from here!
 Was pretty much busy for the whole week and yes it's already Thursday already!

Just got back from the sourcing trip this morning! And here we go with the photos,



Spend my whole Friday doing work, packing parcels/stocks and etc etc before my trip! 
Had a long day, and was really tired to head out at night hence stay home friday! 

Had this on friday!!! It's damn nice to have mee hoon kueh on a cold rainy day.


Dad drove me out to town to settle some shop stuffs 
and we went out together for lunch together!

And at night, Seemin came over to my place before heading out to meet the rest! 

With my baby girl :) Hehehe 

Then went to meet the rest at Woodlands and headed over to Heli! 
Heli was so packed... that we decided to head over to Zirca instead. 

But we went over to Planet first for some drinks and then Zirca.
Had a long Saturday night thou.. but the company was great. Hehe 

With Charleen ;)

Woke up pretty late that day and it's time to prepare for the flight in the evening!

Sunday Night at the airport! 

Off to GZ for a sourcing trip! 
I was just feeling so tired throughout the whole trip.... Haha 

Day 02! 

Off for some sourcing trip, and we headed back to the hotel to rest!
Went to do my nails after that! 


Day 03:

Dimsum for breakfast

We went to shop around on Day 03 after sourcing...
And guess what I've found?!

OMG THIS. I've been finding it for so long.... But i heard singapore do sell them too right?

Anyone knows where? :( Haha still looking for it! 

Then we went for some desserts and went for some massage aftermath!

Then.. left the hotel at 10pm and was on my way to the airport back to sg..

Dinner i had at the airport... 

And yes, I just got back this morning. And pretty much this trip is a really short trip but I'm glad that I'm kind of away from the hectic world for a while.. I did get to enjoy myself a little. I'm thankful for my parents for fetching me from the airport as always. This trip I went alone and my mum's friend kept me accompanied for the whole trip. I'm thankful for that! 

And I'm homed! Hehe 

My complexion have been really bad lately due to the air over there I guess :(

While I was alone there in the cab heading to the airport to be back in sg...
Was thinking so much about life... about everything.

Thinking how fast we're all growing up, how fast things are changing. 
Everything just seemed to be so fast. 

Things were so different from what it was now.
And it's already November. 
2012 is ending soon... 

I'm glad I've learnt so much in 2012, that kind of changed me into someone better. 

Thankful for all good things // and the bad things that made me learnt. 

Oh well, besides, it's my favourite month! 
It's great that everything is going really smoothly and well now. 

Alright! I'm heading to bed now... Still lacking of sleeeeeeeep. 

Good night world, good night everyone. Hope you did enjoy my post!

I'm gonna have a selling post up really soon 
as I've a lot of things to clear before renovating my room!

Till then x

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