Saturday, 17th November, 12:57PM

Saturday, 17th November 2012, 12:57PM,
Mood: Happy//Normal.

It's Saturday now. I woke up at 11AM to have some breakfast with the family. And, I slept away my Friday yesterday. My dad was so surprised that he is going to buy 4D today because I stayed home on a Friday Night. I have to get so many things.... I ran out of my foundation powder... I need a new dress. I need to get so many things settled and fixed. Even thou I had 8 hours of sleep... I'm still so so sleepy.... The problem of sleeping too much.... Sighpie. 

I'm gonna go to town before meeting the girls at night later! I'm happy as I feel free now. Free as in free. No longer stuck/trapped/unhappy. I like this. I like this. At least I don't cry, I don't feel upset anymore. Even thou I might have no pillars to lie on, to place my heart with, sometimes it's good this way too. I learn that I'll have to be more independent, on my own. It's alright it's fine. I guess we're just too young for everything like this too. 

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