I've just gotten my fur clutch that came in from the parcel from overseas that day, was jumping in joy! This clutch is really a handy one.. I've brought in a reptile series clutch for lbr in the next collection! Do stay tune alright :) These clutches are gonna be exclusive to lbr :) And i would like to say.. the zipper detailed shorts is really fitting! Love the cutting so much :) And also, the jc lana in the photo.. I gotten this pair of jc a month ago? It's really not what you expected like seen! It's pretty comfy, and due to too many black shoes i've personally own... I've gotten it in khaki instead! Something different :) 

Pretty much love it.. and it makes me feel really tall. I can't wait for my jc nightwalker to arrive!! So excited! :) 

I can't get enough of jcs.. My god. I shall stop spending and start saving..... 

And anyway, I think I'll start working all over again. 
I'm too bored of roaming around, feeling so empty, feeling the emptiness in myself. I need some dreams, goals to keep me going. These thoughts are killing me. I need to be stronger. Like how I used to be.
Today, I just realised how weak and how much i've started to rely on people.... it used to be that i'm always independent on my own.. what happen to me? 

I really want to have a getaway. Get out of singapore. Just for a few days. Sigh. 

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