Hi people, im back! Well, last last week, went to meet up with j for the outdoor shoot for lbr! The photos turns out like what it should be, Im really thankful for that! :) And pretty much thanks to all the support from everyone :) I've been pretty much depressed for a week. I've stopped being so enclosed and tell myself that I should do something about it. So yeah, I did went out and chill with my friends :) 

Went out to have a short catch up session with vika and krystle on friday,
then met ad on saturday, we hit town and then went to sheesha at haji. 

Ok! Oh yes, did i mention? I've just gotten my jc nightwalker last week! It was so pretty...

But i got it in suede material instead. And i wore it out for shoot and to town that day! 

More photos up on facebook!

Life has been pretty different now... 

People changes. even the one who is your closest could leave without saying a thing. 
Life is hard on us, harsh on us. Sometimes we'll need to find way to pull ourselves thru..
sometimes it's only you that could help yourself. no one could. 

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