BKK TRIP / DAY 01 - 04

Hi guys! Finally found some time to do the blog post that I wanted to do!!

And as you know, I'm still having cough since my bkk trip till now...... 


So this trip of bkk the boy and I spend most of the time exploring new places? :) 
We went to more places than our usual trips thou!

So when we landed straight, went over to our hotel to place our luggage.

We took an early flight this time... we woke up at 4am to prepare everything... 

And it was a Sunday! Hence.. we went down to the famous chaktuchak market!! 

My outfit to the airport!! 

I think i look extremely tired here due to lack of sleep... Haha 

And the happy me had my favourite ice popsicle!! YAY! 

I'll say chaktuchak has more of like souvenirs? 

If you're a tourist, it's a sort of must to take a look what they have there.

Some stores are selling puppies in small cages though!! 

I'll say the things there like accessories, sandals, bags, clothes are slightly more expensive but it's worth taking a look around! 

Then we went back to hotel to rest a while and headed for shopping as usual!! 

We dine in the hotel again cause we were too lazy!!

But the food is GOOD!! 

 Took a nap.... 

The boy and I woke up in the middle of the night, and just nice that his friends are in bkk too.. so we planned to meet them up! 

Went over to their hotel area and then... it's a super impromptu decision to party...

I'm actually v scared of bangkok at night, in the day... Cause i've heard too much stories and I'm always feeling very insecured! But decided to head down with them cause this time i'm with a bunch of guys and I guess it'll be fine? :) 

So we went to shock39 this time round! And i went....
Without any make up, in my slippers and t-shirt and shorts. 

OK hahaha but who cares i'm overseas!! Hahaha 

The music is very very much different i'll say, i love the dj over there!!! 
It's like the atmosphere and everything is so good? 

We ended the night earlier thou! Headed back at the hotel at 3am.. 

Then the next day! Woke up for breakfast!

And yes shopppppinnnnngggg dayyyyyy again!! 

while waiting for the boy to get ready...

I'm decked in LBR's Rebeeca Embroided Sleeve Top in navy!

I'm usually not a fan of t-shirts, but for this one... It's V v v different!!

I love the sleeves!! 

I met a group of Singaporeans there too and the girls were asking me where did i got my top from!!


Took some photos of my outfit and the lanes in bkk!! 

And yes we went back to eat our favourite wanton mee and pork rice!! 

And after a long day of shopping, 

the boy decided to catch a movie!!

So we went over to Central World this time to watch world war Z! 

It's quite funny that the staffs over there thought we were locals. Hahaha 

I'll rate the show perhaps a 8.5/10? Pretty good show!! 
But i wasn't really feeling well while watching ;(

Headed back to the hotel around 1am-2am and prepared for the next day! 

Day 03~ 

I was bored and decided to try a new hairstyle for the day! 

(I'm always waking up earlier than the boy over there, 
i guess i'm too excited for the day?! hahahahaha)

So i get to have so much time to do my make up!! Haha

I braided my fringe sideways!! Always wanting to try that in sg but i tot I'll look weird,
this time it turns out fine!!

I'm cursed with frowns when I smile widely...... 

:'( thats sad

Ok some views i took from the hotel!! 

I was staying at GLOW PRATUNAM THIS TIME!  

From far i spotted a swimming pool from a hotel opposite thou!!! 

Very very keen to find out what hotel is that!! Haha

The streets of bkk, 

the city is like so colourful? Cause their taxi(s) are in pink/green/yellow!! 

Me and Cyrus have something in common... we're v lazy and we're v ok with any food that is nice.

Haha so we ended up ordering room service for our dinner instead!!

Tried the burger from glow hotel... IT'S V NICE!! and the fries are so huge too. 

We went back to the hotel and rest earlier for the night as we've to wake up early the next day to prepare for checking out... 

So last day of bkk! 

We finished up our last minute shopping // buying gifts // buying things for everyone etc etc...

and we're left with a few more hours!! 

So we decided to go for some shopping at CentralWorld again! 

Walked around CentralWorld... it's like JEM?

It has topshop, topman, electronics stuffs, 
but at the same time it has kate spade and stuffs like that!!

We decided to catch a movie since we've time!

Before our movie, we went over to Haagen Daze for some icecream!

I think you can get this in Singapore too? 

We caught Now you See me! I'll rate it a 8.5/10? 

But i really like the storyline of the movie.. it's sort of like mysterious yet interesting? :) 

So we did an instavideo in the tuktuk when we were on our way back to the hotel area to go back to the airport!! 

Go check out my instagram! http://instagram.com/joyofsunshines 

Outfit back to sg, decked in lbr's corina checkered romper! 

And last day, definitely feeling sad at the point of time :((

But it's alright! I've already gotten the next trip tickets book 
and this time round we're going for a holiday to celebrate end of exams!!! YAY! 

See you +66 in august again!! 

(This time round i'm gna try the food at siam!!!)


And yes it's Sunday!! Lbr has launched a new collection today, have you seen it? :)

Many summer off shoulder dresses in pastel colours, 
embroided tops, assymetrical dresses and more!!

My personal favourites are actually,

the off shoulder dresses? 

I love pastel colours and i've been bringing in colours like mint, lilac, peach!! 

How do you find them? :)

Do take a look!! :) 

At the same time,

What do you girls want to see in LBR? :) 

Hit me up with some suggestions here!!

Alright I'm going to prepare for bed now! Having morning class tomorrow... 
It's Monday again!

Good night xoxo,


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