Hi people, I've been long for like 2 weeks due to school has reopened now and my schedule is pretty much packed now! 

Back with a short update!!

I think approx 3 weeks' ago or something, one of the Monday in June!

Met up with janet, adelind & the rest to celebrate janet's 19th birthday :)

We headed for a simple dinner and then we went over to Holland V's Harry's for some drinks and to chill. 

I met Janet in the early 2007? When i was like primary 6? 
Still could remember the first time i met her!!! Haha 

Happy 19th birthday sweetie! Hope you like the prezzies we got for you :)

One of the nights we went Mansion,

With Mandy, Gwen and Joanne :)

And one of the nights that I went zouk with my previous classmates and the boy! 

The guy behind is quite... creeepy. Didn't know someone was behind us!! 

Concidentally that Mandy wore Green too! 

Met Janet there too! 

And one of the Saturday that I've flea, Joanne was with me the whole day!

So we decided to do something different on that Saturday!

We went bowling!!!

Hehe i didn't know that bowling can be so fun thouuuuu, had a lot of fun!!! 

And one of the nights before I fly off to bangkok, we went to Zouk again! 

 The night was great with the girls thou! :)

And my Holidays sort of ended with my trip to bangkok.. and school reopened :(

My next post is gonna be about bkk!!
So stay tune! :)

(I've visited more places than usual so i guess i'll talk about that more!! ^^)

I've morning lessons at 10am tomorrow.. and it's time for bed now!
I've been feeling a lil sick for a while and it haven't been getting better.. ever since before I flew off to bangkok....

I really need to be more healthy :(

Alright off to bed! xoxo

ask me anything here?

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