Photo Diary, mixture of June/July

Photo diary; 

Decked in all LBR's outfits,

1) tennis skater dress in navy
2) henna spag top in mint
3) celia bustier romper in peach
4) freya slit cut party dress in white 


One of the party nights with the girls, 

Could remember very early that we went over to Zouk cause my phone was spammed with alot of photos... hahaha 

Okie then the following day of that week, we decide to chill so we met up on a Saturday and we went over to Haji Lane! 

Decked in LBR's Suzann Tube Top in Pink! 

Some photo booth photos.. which is pretty bad quality cause the lighting and tables are really bad there.

See, the photo is so bad that Joanne doesn't want to take :(

Ok then in July.... 

Outfit photo for school again!
This time round I've finally wore my HUF weed socks out.. 

In boots and leather jacket again.. people in school must be thinking this girl is mad.


One of the nights that I hanged out with Jillian, Mandy, Yiqin and together with Joanne!

Hehe we should do this more often ;)

Some time back at Mink again with the girls ;) 

And a recent selfie of myself for school! 

A semi-photo diary of June/July!

School is doing fine for me, I'm really trying my best to cope with everything now!! 

Always believing in pushing myself hard for the best results! 


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