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How's everyone doing this April? I must admit that time waits for no one and time has pass so fast that I haven't really realise…. 1/4 of 2014 is already gone. I've been bumming around ever since graduation and have decided to start on something new for the next 6 months which is gonna be life changing. Decided to commit, and decided to start afresh start anew on things that might do benefits to me. Many things have done too much impact on me and I finally realised that it's really time for me to wake up and get going. Never gonna be stuck in the same situation/same battle, a reminder to self. I'm truly happy and thankful for what i've now, and for everything that has happened throughout the past few months. I've ruined things that I've built up from sketch, took many years to build up and it was all torn down because of mistakes and because of my own thoughts and own selfishness that lives within me. I've made a lot of mistakes and I've decided that this is gonna change, i'm not allowing it to be part of me when it comes to anything in future anymore, i'm gonna get rid of it, get rid of the toxic in me and be a better person. Just like what I say, starting afresh, starting anew. 
and, as I pray, hopefully, everything will go smoothly! 

And yes, photos above are decked in lbr's newly launched dress! 
I'm gonna say, I really love the lace up design at the back and it's one of the dress that I'll really wear out to any sort of events, gathering or even to party!! 

We've launched a new collection with many new party designs / basics too!! 
and at the same time, do check out the "sales" tab, we've just updated with 50% off the usual prices!! 

And meanwhile, stay tune! Gna be back with another video ;)


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