I need a hug badly honey

Today's Saturday. Heh hehz went out with family in the morning then headed out to meet Wanlin & co in the noon. Went over to Chrystal's house. Her party was a blast man. With loud speakers around, and the food was like damn damn nice. Heh hehz then had some games and stuffs. Was laughing like fking mad when Beldric got sabo for almost everything. After her party went over to slack and drank for a while then home sweet home. My babycam died on me. It went haywire and I just realised all the pictures were screwed. Aww bad quality of pictures.
Oh fuck i hate this. I hate this :(
Daryl dont give me that kind of face please.
Haha belated birthday boy!

Happy belated birthday to you, my dearest Hooi :)
Though your birthday is like so so long ago, but we just celebrated today.
Heh hehz have known ya for 2 years plus, been really really close even till now.
I luvz you many many so much ya always know right!!
Happy 14 and last long with yr guy:)
Well there's church tml. Heh hehz. I feel so sad that my babycam died on me.
I miss my babyboy so much!! :( and why there's no comments. Don't die on me my blog.

"I'm so sorry that I couldn't help much. Please realise why am i treating you like this.
You'll understand one day, please don't treat me so nice.
I would feel so guilty.. even more guilty than ever for now."

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BERNARdd said...


CRYSTALL♥ said...

Sisterrr! :D
Link, Thanks.
Seeyou soon kay!

Peiwen, said...

Regina ! Peiwen here , mind linking me @ http://lovelyblue--sky.blogspot.com/ Thanks ! :)

Pwen said...

Anyway last long Yaw {:

SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

Hello Love :D
So long, nvr tagged you lerh ^^
Seeya soon in schl (:

geokkoon. said...

cheerup oh love!

Chrystal 8) said...

Hellooooo. Clicked and commented.

ANGELINA ! said...


Chermainee Felice said...

Pony, i need a heart2heart talkw ith you alr. I got alot of xinshi siah. This few days, very sad and angry D:

Jocelyn.T said...

Viewed and tagged :DD last long yeah:DD

WanLin `♥ said...

Thanks for being there , Lady . I really appreciate it alot . Thanks for consoling me too . iloveyouu , lady .

Another Bitch said...

Hi Bitch =D
Here is your comment
Okay lar ur pics very nice lah hahaha

Regina said...

Bernard > Haha hi lil bro <:
Crystal > Alright my dear. :)
Peiwen > Haha sure sure ^^ Haha thanks.
Sabrina > Lil angel :) Heh hehz shall talk to ya soon.
geokkoon > Thanks love, i'm alrightzxs ^^
Chrystal > Haha thanks precious luvz you! <:

Regina said...

Angelina > Hey sis! ^^ Luvz you.
Chermaine > My lil pony, cheerup kay. I'm here for you always! ^^ I don't wanna see ya so sad. Sure, there's so much for us to catch up man and there's so much for me to share too. I miss you alot. Call me if you need me alright? <:
Jocelyn > Haha thanks.
Wanlin > Welcome my dearest gentleman. I'm always here for ya whether it's rain or shine. Don't keep crying already, it's gonna hurt yr eyes kay. Smile more, luvz you :)
Another bitch > hi bitchzx. Haha i know you luvz me alot despite me being more bitch-er than you. LOL.


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