I love being in your embrace

Today's Sunday. Went to church per normal but today brought along baby together. Service was alright and then me and my girls kept passing letter to each other from front to back during service. Haha I luv you all my precious girls kay ^^ Muahmuah :) After that went over to Jurong to walk around and shop. Heh hehz then I felt so tired and went home. The day is short but it's tiring. Yay the good thing is that I don't have schl tomorrow. Aren't you jealous about it? :) Haha. My schedule is all so screwed up. Yay i painted my nails pink few days ago but went swimming hence.. faded :( I need to go swimming with my girls, and have my shopping spree.

Well I just read though my archives. Haha a lot of people told me that I've changed alot. Yes I think i've grown up alot by all the different experiences I had, both hard and enjoyable ones. I'm even stronger now. I learn to be more independent :) I'm happy with my current life.
Anyway support http://amaranthineroses.blogspot.com! ^^

Yay it's just 3 days away from 20th. Baby, did ya know how I actually felt when I first time you are in my sight? My heart was pumping so hard so fast. That feeling was so special and I didn't know how was love really really like. This relationship with you was so different from other past relationship I've, it was 147 days ago that I felt the feeling for the first time. Babyboy, I wanna spend my lifetime with you. Thankyou for so many things that you've done for me. Thankyou for bringing so much joy into my life. Thankyou for walking out all the darkness path with me.
I love being in your embrace, really very much. I love you to the max, with all my soul.

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Cyrus Is Cute =D said...

Heyyzxzx BABBYY!!!
Awhh So Sweet Your Blog Longg Timee No Read Then When I Read OMGGGG MY HEARTT LIKEEE MELTTEDD TO LIKEEE WATERERERE~!!!
So SWEETTT Heeheee

Love You,
Your Cyrus =D

Regina said...

Cyrus > Cyrus is not cute! I'm cuter <: Haha really! But if it's water then how to place me inside
:( Haha.

Love you too,
Yr Regina :)

Cyrus <3 Regina said...

Then You Become A Float In My Heart Drifting Inside Forever.
Remaining Inside my Heart With No Where To Go But My Head.
I Cannot Stop Thinking Of You Baby You Are Like A Drug To Me.
And I Never Want To Lose You Baby Happy 148Days in 1Hour And 15Minutes TIMEEE~!!

i Love Regina Pek .


Your BoyBoy =D

Regina said...

Cyrus > Omg so touching arh baby. Luv you so so much <: Happy 148 day coming up in 1hr's time.
Yay 5th month is just 3 days away :)

Hearts Cyrus many many :)

Love you so much,
Yr girlfriend! ^^

Michelle Lim said...

Omg you two. Hahaha, anyway my nails are pink too!

Sheena said...

Yo sup! haha. Like what michelle said, you two arh! Hahaha. I'm gonna try paint my finger nails orange and black during th holi. ;) But must see I lazy or not lah! lolol. Oh by the way, Hello! :p

Regina said...

Michelle > HAHA YAY!
Sheena > Omg orange's nice!! I wanna try my nails with babyblue. I think it's chi0zx leh. Haha! But i'm going swimming then how! :( Paint already then gone. :(

SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

Angel ~ :D
hearts you .
Commented ! ^^

Regina said...

Sabrina > Haha hi my little angel <: Heart you many many too :)

Michelle Lim said...

Lol sheena! what orange and black! then me is pink and black, regina blue and black. :D

Regina said...

Michelle > Haha last time I had my fingers black and white. Look damn damn gothic. Haha!! ALAMAK BLUE AND BLACK. KENA WHACK ARH. HAHA!!

Michelle Lim said...



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