We can make it through for everything love

Hi i'm finally back after 12 days of not updating. Haha I can't imagine that's so long.
For this 12 days..

  • I've spent my sunday afternoon and monday evening studying with Yuenshin and did had h2h and catch up alot.
  • Celebrated my dearest boobsfriend, Geokkoon's birthday at Pizzahut with Johnathan,Qizhen,Eugene,Yuenshin.
  • Had mug through this period of time and nearly gone crazy.
  • Met my baby for quite a few days :)
  • Had got my fringe trimmed and it's like really kns for now.

5 papers down, 4 more to go.
Thinking about how enjoyable having 4 birthday parties after exams I'm gonna mug hard man.
But i'm feeling really stressed up for the first time, gonna have shopping sprees after exams straight.
Go yes go Regina you can do it :)
Okay it's 11:47 pm and i'm happily drinking my breeezer. I'm going off now, Muahmuah with flying kisses ^^
Happy 139th day, I know we can make it through everything. Thanks for being the pillar of support who held me so tight till now. I luv you so much, nothing's gonna change *winks* :)

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Rachel said...

Hey valentine :)

Regina said...

Rachel > Haha hi valentineeeee! :)

Yingting said...

Hey Wifey, thanks :) Last long with Cyrus tooo :B Miss ya

Regina said...

Yingting > Haha thanks. Miss ya too :)

Michelle Lim said...

hahaha,i removed them :/

MINnie nG said...

Heheheh Of course! I miss you too meetup on tues or else! (wields knife)

Ahaha I'm so happy you tagged me and whee MADEWITHLOVE.

Regina said...

Michelle > Haha why remove them! :(
Minnie Ng > Aww I luv calling you minnie ng man ya sounds so cute~ :) Haha alright. WEEEEEEEEE MADEWITHLOVE COMING UP!!! ^^


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