I think I can feel the stress of exams already.. it's 1 more week to exams and I've not even started my preparation. I just.. couldn't get anything into my head.

Thursday skipped tution with Geokkoon. Haha I didn't even plan to go as I was sleeping soundly at home until I got her call. Went lot1 library supposingly for studying but in the end we spent our time talking nonstop there. Then had h2h at some voiddecks.

Friday school was boring but got to know more about Miss Chee's past relationships during lifeskill. I think Miss Chee's the first teacher I like in Greenridge man. She's really nice.. and very patient with the class. But so sad that the class took her for granted :'( After school went home to sleep. And then headed for cell in the evening. God's presence was there.. I can sense it. But just didn't got touched.. or moved.

Today's Saturday. I'm so bored. I miss my boyfriend tons. Anyway I've changed my blogskin. Haha i think it's nice and i'm so happy for the first time that I didn't mess up any codes.
Okay no tagboard but comments below the post :) Heh heh shall go off and prepare for my cousin's 21st birthday at changi later. Shall post later!

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