175 days

It's sunday again. Haha my phone went haywire today supposingly going down to visit baby's church. Haha instead I overslept and my phone kept on diverting. After that in the noon went down to meet baby and went over to townz to shop. Bought my shoes finally after a zillion yearz. Baby's so poor thing kay, he's happily asleep now. He didn't sleep for a night yet he's out with me to townz to shop. Okay aftermath went to amk to lepak and head back to cck.
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My honey bunny, it's just 5 more days away. We've been thru so so much together yet nothing could separate us but keeping us sticking to each other so tight. Remember the first time you tell me about bedtime stories. Remember the first time we kissed at the playground. Remember the first night we've been together outside? Remember the chalet we had together? Remember times where we've been to movie marathons? Remember times we've been to wildwildwet, escape? Remember times that I went over to find you with my uniform which make me look like primary schlz kid? Remember the first time we're on phone? It's you giving me morning call. Haha I could remember the 16 morning calls you made to me. Haha. Remember the first plushie ya gave it to me? You're the first guy who could tolerate me for my lousy attitude, first guy who gave me real roses, first guy who celebrated valentine with me, first guy who I stayed overnight outside with, first guy whom I gazed stars with, first guy whom I want to spend my lifetime with, first guy whom wipe my tears off, first guy whom took my heart and melted it completely. There's still so much paths to walk down, so much beautiful sceneries to look at with you. I love you babyboy, you're just so different from any other guy on streets. It's never easy to walk down so many hard times together, but with your faith and everything in me we did it. Without you, I wouldn't be so strong so tough. Without you, there wouldn't be so much joy and happiness. Happy 175 days :)

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