I need you so much closer.

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Hey babies on this space here. I'm back here. Well today I spent my day out with bb just for a short while, it's just a short little date.. but after all i've enjoyed myself :) Seriously I hope good things would last forever, just like this man. Things that I missed might not be back to me anymore, but after all, at least inside my heart I knew i've cherished and treasured it once before. Aww man i miss my babyboy so much still.
Well i'm getting hooked on youtube soon. Haha guess who's this? :)
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Shane Dawson! Awww he's really cute and hot, plus his videos are kinda meaningful. Heh heh i'm getting like "no life" soon, chrystal! *inner joke* Haha. Well school's tml, I'm getting out of my bed early to meet my babe, Shimin for breakfast. Okie buai buai blogger with kisses.
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I need you so much closer..
Close till I could hear your heart beating fast, like what I used to be lying down on yr chest,
telling myself, I only want forever for us,and nothing else.

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