The never failing love

I seemed to be so dead from this site! It's been 1 week since I last updated. I am really busy with life, but i'm lovin' every single gems i've now. Exams in 2 days' time? I haven't done my work yet. I would update my life with pixx once again,

well, i wanna say a big thank you to my dad. Well daddy no matter how much i've disappoint you, you're always there for me, encouraging me. I wouldn't make you sad anymore, I wouldn't make myself a burden to you anymore. I'll be happy, i'll be a happy girl and I'll make you proud. I love you daddy.
Okay i'm leaving this space now! Shall update soon loveables.

Need you, need love, need hugs, need kisses, need affection, need attention. need cyrus.

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