Blingz mama (Y)

I've out for so long yesterday and had such a great time with my girls! We went for a little picnic at botanic garden in the noon. Had sandwiches seaweed chicken wee. Had a great time walking around, and sitting there with them. After that the mamas went over to town. Went over to plaza sing and had a drink and went over to look at the piano at yamaha. Then me and puteri honey left and we went over to Cityhall and then Clarke Quay. We were like so tired that our eyelids are closing anytime. Home sweet home had mac as dinner, thanks bro! Okie pixxxxxx. There's so many overdued.

Met my lovelies!

Life's so enjoyable, so fun ya? :) I'm loving such trips with my girls, it's so relaxing and enjoyable. It lets me forget all my troubles problems. Today shall be a day I finally could have a good nap at home. It seemed that all the dramas play and actors were gone, every single thing had stopped. Thank god, finally everything is alright. and anyway, I've receive some comments yeah. Somehow, this seemed to be my blog. I typed what I like and it's up to you whether you like it a not. Don't like it just leave.

Are we going back to the start all over again?
Yes we are and don't let any shit to pull us down anymore.
Cause it's gonna be tough.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, nice blog you have. I love reading your blog seriously. Anyway, are you still together with Cyrus? Sorry for asking so much. Takecare:)

Yanling said...

Lol , yahh . I also wanted to ask what Anonymous want to ask . You broke up already ?
If so , dun be too upset kay (:


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