Boring days

I've been so busy for so many freaking days and I'm so lazy to update. Finally today i'm in the mood to blog.
Last saturday with Peiyi and Shimin, amk > town > home sweet home.
Sunday, church > met up with J > Causeway > Aijisen > Jennifer's body > home sweet home.
Monday, school > got back results > Shimin's crib for the whole afternoon.
Wednesday, work > imm with Yuenshin.
Thursday, work > met up with Shimin Chrystal Vincent Chengan over at plaza.

I've so many overdued pixxx, i know it's very long ago but ya..

I couldn't get over that dress which is out of stock!! Still so not over it. Damn you.
Yay shopping with Yuenshin, pool with the rest tml! Yay yay yay.
15 days more to me being 14 yay yay yay. Okie i shall go off now.
Buaiix bloggy-pies. Sweet dreams xoxo

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