Pixx for you? :)

Today i went to visit my grandpa at the hospital and then noon went shopping with family. I spend my day just like this. I think I'm falling sick in anytime. Yes new url, you like? :)

Everything seemed to be back to square one again. I want no hurts no harms no tears no heartbreaking problems anymore.

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Charissa said...

Hello !! haven't seen you for a long time :D Link me :)

JANET said...

Relinked! :)

iwannabeadot said...

HEYO! :D link me? :D

Regina said...

Haha would link all of you guys up soon!

SABRINA said...

Hello Regina! Relink me at thankyou (:

Amy said...

hi, do you still update your blogshop?

Passerby said...

hey there! you're cute. ummm actually it should be ironicrockstar, not irony. and she's AN uptown girl because 'uptown' starts with a 'u' and its a vowel ;)

Amylzp said...

hi, would you still update your blogshop?

Michelle Lim said...

Hahah ya, i saw the two different types of spongebob too, didn't see any mr krab though~

Regina said...

I will relink you guys okie.
Amy > Yeah i'll, and i'm changing site.
Passerby > I know it's ironic. But i want it to be irony. HAHA.
Michelle > I saw mr krabbbbbb. lot 1 got!


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