Life goes on

I've been away for so long i guess. Finally talking about my life! Last few days of school were great. Had drama performance, me and my babygirls had our hair curled! It's super fun indeed, we expect for more audiences in the end it's just all the secondary one. And yes i went for our school play,spectrum. Then I caught cloudy with the chance of meatballs recently, last week went over to Jurong with my family to celebrate my 1 month old cousin, Annabelle's 1st month, and yes few days ago went over to Kallang with classmates. Guess what I did there? I played almost all the guy games! Arcade bowling, and then caught the show this is it. I was expecting more though. Oh yes then yesterday had photo shoot and went over to Shixian's chalet. Saw many schoolmates there and yep. Pixxxxxx! There's many more but I haven't got them yet.

I've been online for like 2 bloody hours, stoning and thinking about so many things. Good things just don't last forever, but we got many many beautiful memories left behind. We didn't make it to continue so many things together, we didn't make it for our big dreams we had together. Sometimes how i wish you're still here with me, when I cry when i laugh, you used to be always there for me, wiping away my tears, smiling together with me. Thanks for everything. xoxo

Thanks to every single sweet souls out there cheering me on. I love you guys very very much.
Okay shall go off now. Must wake up early tml if not someone's gonna killl me for sure.

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minqian said...

pussy pussy, add me msn @ :B
sent you the pix pix. wee woo wee! :D

Regina said...

Haha okie okie!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, will you be doing another korean spree like your #2?
Do reply, thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

is the iphone urs?



Regina said...

Hmm should be yes. Hmmm nope chrystal's. Haha talk to you alrdy!


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