Boring x'mas

I'm a sad girl, I've no pixx for this year's x'mas okay.
I spend my x'mas eve with Koonie and then met up with Chengen at night. Haha we went for some of dont know what uncle's birthday. Haha drank a lil and had games.
X'mas was spent with my mum and bro, shopping at town? Haha mum got me a bag! Yep had a simple x'mas. We had starbucks and muffin too!
Saturday was spent with Shimin and Jerlene. Caught Avatar, I was feeeling so fucking unwell. Wasted lorhhh. Feeeling so giddy in the cinema. Haha but it was a nice showwww.
Then Sunday, met up with those girls for a while, aftermath went over to meet babyboy :)
Caught alvin and the chipmunks! Awwwwww. Haha.
And then yesterday, in the evening went over to meet baby! Caught bodyguards assasin last night, touching show indeeeeeeeed.

Okay I had all this days without pixxxxx, life's so boring.
And now i left my phone with baby, damn it. :(

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