I have been away from this space for a long time! It's because I've no idea what should I blog about huh. My life? This few days have been tiring, really tiring!

I spent my monday with babyboy, I couldn't remember what we did totally.

Tuesday went out with Puteri honey after so long! Aww was damn excited to see her. We went to town, had a bus ride, seeing girls that keep wondering whether whose malay and whose chinese, heart2heart, girls' talk, boys, girlfriends and whatever we can talk about. We went to artfriend to get her items for her monthsary card, and we walked to plaza sing from there. I was so hungry that I started eating like a monster, okay that was so unglam.

Wednesday, went out with babyboy. We caught the show Couples Retreat yay yay yay the show was awesome. Okay we had pizza for dinner, noodles for supper. I'm eating alot nowadays, it's a good thing right? Haha. Daddy came and pick me up at 3am.

Thursday, met up with Puteri in the evening, had our icecreams cheezecake at lot1. Then yeah like this lorh.

Friday, town with bb

Saturday, church with Shimin

Sunday, Jurong Point with parents, and then met up with bb aftermath. Had my hair cut! My fringe looks shorter.

Yesterday, work work work. Babyboy stayed with me for 3 hours!! Yay yay yay hahaha. It kills time alot, and we kept talking and talking. Imagine the boss sees me doing this, cfm say i'm slacking like shit. Haha! Thank God with him time flies so fast yay!

Life's like this, boring and very boring and even more boring. I'm such a broke girl right now so poor thing :( I'm waiting forever and forever come please, my pay!!! E-ri-ta-ting lorhz. Oh yes is coming back with an update soon okay! Pinky promised.

I just like to have you around like this. Cuddling in your arms, holding your hands down the streets we go. Even when I feels upset, I'm still able to cry in your arms, I want to go down to the bottom of your heart, and to see myself there. I love you, ccf. Thanks for last night, letting me to cry in your arms. I need that, so badly.

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