Through them all,

Baby baby, we're like so going 1 year. From the first time we went out, i met you at the mrt, at that particular platform, we watch the particular movie, we sat on some particular couples' seat as the whole cinema is couples' seat, the first time we took bus together, I lie on your shoulder and fell asleep. It feels so comfortable, with you. It feels warmth, with many love kept within us.
I've never gave up hopes on you, because I know we'll make it through everything, and yes we did. Many times others judge, comment, but we still make through them all. I've never been sick of your voice despite me hearing it daily, I've never been sick of your text message, but i've always been excited to receive them. I've never been sick of our dates, instead I wished we could spend everyday together. I love you, bbC. I can’t express with more words on earth
My heart toward you overflowering more and more.


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