Happy birthday, Seemin

Hey i'm so sorry but I got to use this pixx! We'll take more k girl. Well before I turn to sleep..
happy 15th birthday to ng seemin! big enough right girl! :)

Time flies so fast, we've known each other for like 4 years plus? And this year is the 5th year? Haha remember how we behave in the past? Like two little xmm gg shopping together, spam our money on neoprint machines, haha so gay! But those little memories will kept in our hearts still right girl! I missed those times whereby I met you like so often, hmm i think it's during my primary school days right! Haha we're always the two who people thinks that we're sisters, and always you being the da jie! Haha thank god I've grown so much but for my height :( Though now we might meet up only once twice a year, but I never felt any distance when I'm with you. I love you so much k! Girl, I know for the last whole year, many things had happened and you've always been a strong girl, but remember this, I'm always here, for you k. Like in the past, we'll be sharing about our little secrets. We need to meet up soon again!! Oh and yes, study hard! :)
Hugs and kisses,
Regina :)

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