"I felt so drained for not resting thru out a week. I'm so tired and exhausted. I'm dying halfway. I know i'm again back here, and not updating. I've not been going out hanging out, i'm all busy with work, with that boy, with this junk and that nonsense. I need to get some life. Thank god i'll be leaving singapore during december. Fuck yeah happy is me. Finally gonna be exposed to a different atmosphere, this life is sick over here. Tomorrow is gonna be my off day, finally taking a break. Anyway, 2 weeks ago did flb flea with my girls, it was really great. Wanna thank everyone who came down and support ;) And also, on the 23th.. I went out with the boy. We went to ice-skate, for the first time after being together for 23 months. Ha aftermath rushed all the way to Resort World for a performance there with my family.
After all for now, November is ending already. 2011 is nearing. I should start fearing now."

Ok will update this blog regularly. I'm fucking lazy though. Nights to cyberworld. *hugs*

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