Hey world, feel like blogging here again. Anyway, o level has come to an end.. and all I felt is regret. And really empty. Seems like nothing much has really changed. Anyway, I'm starting work on Saturday, and finally lbr is continue with its collections and etc.

Went to the salon few days back, and got my hair bleached and dyed. The result of the hair colour wasnt what I expected though, but the colour is getting lighter and lighter. I shall post some photos up when I bring my camera out k :) Have been too lazy for photos... and also my complexion is ultra bad this days.

Can't wait for next week! So many things going on, birthday party... starting work, new environment for everything.

I've yet to get so many things that i wanted. Urgh need money need money need money.

Oh wells, I'll be posting up photos on instagram, follow me there! joyofsunshines 
AND ALSO, i'll be doing a selling post up of clothes that is like almost new... all less than $20!! I really need to clear my wardrobe.

It's gonna be 2012 so soon... in a few months' time. 
I feel so empty for everything now. why?

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