Life through the hard times

I'm pretty much inspired tonight to do a blog post.. About life. I always believe that what goes around, comes around. Yes the word karma. When bad things happen to you, first thought of usual humans will be revenge. I want this person to be.. blah blah blah. This person to suffer. But have you ever thought of it? By making this person suffer in so many different ways, what goes around comes around. Someone might attack you at your weakest point of time, might just be anyone because of what you did previously. It might not be linked at all but it might happen. So, the best way is to actually, make this a lesson learnt. Learn from what you've screwed up, learn from your downfall. Be humble, and walk out of this path and move on. Remember that you've been that weak at that point of them because of so many reasons but you're not gonna be that weak to that point anymore. You're gonna be strong because of what you've been through. Even though sometimes things might get so hard to be solve, to be forgotten, such as like financial issues, relationships issues, all you have to do is to fight thru it. Fight for yourself, choose the best for yourself. Because this is a life that you're leading, it's your life, you're the key, you're the one controlling it. Not anyone else. This is the life you are gonna choose for yourself. You should not just give up half way when you havent really put in 100% of your efforts, let's just say financial issue as an example. Maybe you're left with 10 dollar in your wallet for the rest of the week, don't just think about how bad is this. Think about other ways that you can actually use the 10 dollar evenly, and make this 10 dollar very very useful. Look at things in a different matter, look at things differently. This will help you in your life alot.


I admit. I am whiny and weak. But I've learnt from what has happened. I've learn to fight through it instead of being depressed, being upset forever.

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