Hey guys I'm back with a slight update again! It's 4:22AM in the morning and I've school tomorrow,
well have been up late recently to be completing work.. It's kind of a good thing as I've been slacking alot on school work recently... :( 

Some updates! 

With Charleen :) 

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Yuhao's birthday on wednesday! 

Had a bbq and etc! More photos on facebook thou! :) 
Had a great time with everyone! 
Hehe enjoyable night thou we headed back earlier.

 Last week when we went over Tommy's to do our english project....
ended up doing nothing but eating. Haha. We ordered kfc and everyone just... slack away.

But well at least we did some work! :) 

Last Friday, went over to Zouk/Phuture! 
Thou the music/crowd kind of sux that day, 
but we kind of enjoy the company! 

Life has been better recently, I've been picking myself up and have been working hard on my priorities now! It's good that finally I've woke up and realise what's more important. Life have been revolving around projects//work//lbr... I can't wait for school//exams to be over! It's gonna be a long holiday for 2 good months..... 
Can't wait to get out of sg! I'm still planning a trip out now! 

And some instagram updates, #ootd on sunday!

 #ootd on Monday, Green day! 

I believe life is good now and it'll remain like this. I'm happy like this :) 

Oh yes, last week, lbr has just launched a new collection. Have you seen it? :) 


Some of my favourites...


Slit cut out dress in both red & black!! Something classic that must be in your wardrobe for the boring black days! 


Burgundy cardigan... I wanted to keep a piece for myself but this ran out too fast :( 
It's now on BO girls!! ^^ Don't miss it! 
BLAZERS. I'm totally a blazer person... And I'm still in love with this one despite me having a maroon one already :( 


Some pastel coloured floral tie up top! Really cute details!

I kind of love this collection alot as it consists of pretty much... basics//prints that people will need in their wardrobe! hehe. 


Alright, it's getting late already!
Shall go off to bed, and I'll blog again soon? :)

ask me something here hehe


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