Hi people! It's 4:11am now and I've been sleeping very late lately due to... I dont know? Since friday... have been sleeping at weird timings like 5AM 6AM... 

Okay I'll need to fix my bodyclock soon! So alright now I'm here to blog about a week ago's bangkok trip! 

First day in Bangkok!! ^^ 
Apparently we reach bkk at about 8am? It was pretty tiring.... cause we wake up at 4am just to get prepared and all.

First day was more of like, knowing our hotel, knowing the areas. 
Started walking around, shopping around. Yup! 

At night, we went over to SIAM PARAGON. And yes there you can see from the picture,

they do have a section in the departmental store of Jeffrey Campbells. 
I was quite upset cause they didnt have my size there and there were a few pair on sale for like 30% off :(

And yes, on the first night, we went back to our hotel and we ordered alot of food.

The wrapped up chicken on the first picture above... was like so good? 
And the applepie below too..... We ate alot and the food is really damn cheap. 

Okay everyone was tired on day 1 so we decided to rest earlier, yup!

Day 02! 

Yes i always need something to hug to sleep... so i brought my carebear along. Haha

With doreen! :)

With Jon!! :) 

Okay for day 02, we went shopping again. This time round is a super major shopping...
But thank god we woke up earlier and gotten our whole day planned already! 

Then around evening time, we went over to this tourist attraction area,
called asiatique.

It's pretty much a place whereby there's many souvenirs for you to buy back, 
they do sell cute anime tops which is specially like designed by them, 
animes like naruto, one piece, and etc etc! It's damn cute + it's pretty cheap!! 

They sell alot of kind of leather stuffs too,
such as keychains, wallets. I did bought a card holder and gotten my name carved on it too! 

If you're doing shopping for yourself there, I feel that if you're a girl, just get those souvenirs//leather kind of things over at asiatique as their apparels there are not cheap and it's pretty much twice or thrice the price from the ones you can get in bkk streets/shopping malls. 

But asiatique do have alot of very very unique + nice guys stuffs that couldn't be found anywhere! 

Yup yup, I'll kind of recommend guys to go over there and check it out!

Okay, we went back to the hotel and had dinner! Spaghetti for dinner, 
and also we went for massage after that too :) 

Day 03! 

My breakfast in bangkok. My favourites.

Day 03 is more of getting everything ready and prepare to go day,
so we continue to do some shopping, getting prepared to leave bangkok! 

After shopping, we went for a short leg massage again. 

After that, went to the airport earlier than usual as we were afraid of traffic jams...

Had this at the airport. black canyon coffee chocolate frappe.......
 It's pretty nice!
As you can see, I'm not really a very chocolate person, but this drink is kind of different! 

Okay, basically I feel that this trip is kind of relaxing and enjoyable. 
I did brought along my camera... but I didn't have much photos and it died on me on one of the days when I brought it out. I brought my compact camera lumix thou.

The rest of the photos are with Doreen! Will update once I've them! 

I went there for 3 days 2 nights.... Feel like it's kind of short. Maybe will need an additional day to actually explore the place better! 

And yes this is my first trip out with my friends! 
The last trip to China... even thou I didn't went there with my family, but at least there was someone to take care of me when I was there. So it's kind of a different thing.

I'm very thankful for friends like Jon & Doreen who took care of me throughout the trip!!! 

Okay as you can see I look like a kid. Before i leave, all my friends WHATAPP me and said,

" be careful ah dont get kidnap" 

Haha! But i did saw a giant looking guy when I was in bangkok. 
He was so BIG SIZED. He was about 1.9? 

And all the weird thoughts just came through my mind. 

I'm very insecured when I'm out in the streets when I'm in bangkok. 
Maybe because I'm still not as familiar yet.. Haha. 

But it was fun! Hehe. 

So I've more new armcandies into my collection! 

My #ootd for Doreen's birthday! 

Yes apparently I only have this photo with her on her birthday :( the rest are with her and she has yet to upload anything :( 

Days when I was bored at home.... all i do is cam-whore. Haha.

On Monday when I went back to school to study econs with the rest!

And yes, I went to paint my nails again. The last batch of nails were quite... screwed :(
My daisy flowers didn't last me for long... even thou there were gelish :( I was quite sad thou. 

Days when we were studying at starbucks for accounting.....

My first time trying out crystal jade's fried rice!!

Some random rainy day.... 

My #ootd for some random days on last week, can't really rmb! Haha

The daisy peplum top & the leather skirt is both from lbr :)

And this was yesterday. At my bestfriend's crib, Seemin Hehe! 

I went to her place at 11PM. We did the best friend tag. And we talk all the way till 4:30AM.

It's insane how much we could clique so well. 
She's that someone that I could tell her everything about. That someone that I can trust. 

Thank you for always being there bb, even thou I'm so ultra whiny. Love you hehehe.

I'm pretty sad that my complexion is ultra bad now.... had a super big pimple yesterday....
I need more sleep. Need to clear off my sleep debts once exams are over.

Exams are starting on Monday.........

Time to conquer and do it well!

Alright it's already 4:43AM,

I'm finishing up my supper like a happy girl now, and I'm heading to bed!

Good night and sweet dreams to all!


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