thanks for loving me, x

So, i haven't been bringing my camera out lately,
and yes there's one of the nights when I brought it out, I forgot about my memory card...

Ok. So it's all instagram updates! 

Last Friday met up with the girls and headed down to Zouk again! 

The boy came to find me after that and we went supper at sweechoon! 
Had a fun night and especially with my girls :) Hehe

On a monday that I skipped school.... 
Haven't had the time to head down to the salon to get my hair fixed thou..

It's currently ombre after my burgundy faded... I have to do something soon! 
My hair are getting so dry up :-( 

Lunch on Tuesday during lunch break!

Opps I just realize I'm not blogging in order, but oh well! 
Last Saturday Mink with Joanne again! 
It has been a crazy two weeks of partying...
time to cut down! 

Dress from :)

My diy daisy cover!
In lilac cover, it's far too pretty but sadly the daisies don't lasttttt

Met up with Adelind on Sunday!
A short catch up ;) 

Last Saturday at Mink with the boy. 
I've been lately feeling so down lately, but I'm glad that things are good now! 
Thank you for being my motivation to work even harder, thank you for always helping me out with my stuffs when I can't cope, thank you for accompanying me to run my errands. Thanks for loving me like always, x. 

And thank you for ensuring me that things will always be alright because I've you to rely on. 

I promise I won't screw up this year anymore, I've been screwing up too much and this should be over. 
I'll juggle with things well, learn to be more disciplined. 

I used to keep regrets in my heart till a point that I'm so negative,
things will never work out if one is so negative. 
I learn to let go of all the regrets, and learn to push myself even more. 
It's time to let them go and move on to achieve better. 

And also!

06th April 2013, 1pm-7pm!

Things are all going crazy, ALL BELOW $10!!

(PS: I do have a lot of things that I wanna clear, so do drop by and shop? :) You'll love it!!) 

Meanwhile, there'll be 25 pairs of priority passes to be given away for this event!
Hop over to on how to win! ;)


For all boyfriends of you people, friends or any guys related,

Check out @toshrock in the maroon shirt!
A lot of men apparels to shop with! 

And do stay tune for more updates as there'll be more brands coming up on BV soon!

It's friday! TGIF! ;)

Enjoy your weekends guys!
See you girls on Saturday hopefully! :)


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