These people don't come easily in your life,


Wearing; shoplastbusride's anne floral bralet,
jeffrey campbell shoes,
pants from the editor's market.

So, these are my best friends from secondary school. I never really like my secondary school cause there were a lot of dramas, fake friends, and etc. But I'm really glad that I met them. You can't imagine how much we could talk about, and how comfortable we feel. It's hard nowadays to open up to people, let people into your life because everyone around is just so different now, that's why I usually only stay around my comfort zone. Every single time we meet up, we don't have to find things to do. We can just sit somewhere chill, talk about things, talk about life, going shopping, eating. I'm glad nothing changes even after us getting busy with our lives, love you girls to bits ;)

till then x.

i'm still trying to be okay, trying to be better.
maybe sometimes, it's better this way for us.

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