Photo Diary: 

My photo diary of November - December,
from Bangkok trip with Janet, Yolanda, Alvin, 
My mini birthday celebration at strictly pancakes,
Random meet ups with my girlfriends,
Party photos,
Illumi Run,
Cleo's birthday party, and etc! 


And it's the last day of 2013.....

To sum up my 2013, 2013 made me learnt a lot. It is really an eye opener for me, it opened up my eyes and allowed me to see the truth. And the same time, it made me learnt from the hard way to love people, and to let go of people. 

I learnt from the hard way that I can't fix people, and I can't help in the process to change someone. I've been too tired and exhausted all this while... I'm tired of chasing, tired of feeling everything that I've been feeling... But all i can say is that, I did my best and I'm satisfied with my own efforts. I realised I can't do anything to help anymore... I'm sorry to say that. But still even after everything that has happened, I wish you all the best. I feel that everything that has happened, it's a choice that you made, not a mistake. It's a choice you made. I only can say that I hope you're happy. 

I've been a little off myself for the past few weeks, but I'm really glad that I'm finally getting myself back on track. Been really happy these days because I've set all my priorities right and I've been really really positive about how I'm working towards my goals and things I really want. 

Too many tears in 2013, but there's a lot of happy times too, we shall let go of the unhappiness, and embrace the new year to come. We shall challenge ourselves to more unexpected situations that we'll face in life, and we'll be better people from there. Everything happened is a lesson learnt to me. 

And lastly, I'm really thank you for all of you that have been there with me throughout my 2013, be it through the happy times, and the bad times, thank you. 

I can't wait for 2014! x



I wanna say a few more words before everyone is done with 2013. I wanna say a big thank you to everyone that is there for me throughout this whole year, yes it is definitely not easy to see me breaking down at my weakest point and definitely not easy seeing me at my lowest as i'm always the strongest that people ever know. I'm sorry to disappoint those that I've love and those that care for me like always, but i'm really thankful that i've met people who treats me like a family, love me like who i really am in this year. I might have love, and lost, but it isn't the end of the world anymore. I've learnt that everything happened for a reason, everything is a lesson learnt. Make your mistake a lesson learnt, learn from it, so that you'll never make the same mistakes all over again. I'm thankful for everyone who played a part in my 2013, 2014 will be better, definitely it'll be.

I'm seeing the world, things, and everything better now. I'm setting my priorities right.

Thank you everyone, and all the best in 2014!

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