'' they say that, the most unexpected relationships are the best. And, this is one of the most unexpected one that I'll ever thought of, I'm thankful for you and I'm blessed to have you. Thank you for always holding onto me despite all the rough times and all the tough times, thank you for not giving up on the tough days. You make me want to become a better person, and you pulled me out of a mess that I'll never thought I'll ever get out from. Thank you for helping me to overcome obstacles within myself that I'll never thought I'll ever be able to, thank you for always constantly pushing me forward each time when I'm feeling v disheartening, each time when I'm feeling all hopeless. I love you j. and thank you for your love, and every single moment keeping me secured and assured. I wanna hold your hand and walk through all the bad days, all the good days. I wanna smile with you on the good days, and walk with you through all the toughest period. Thank you for always keeping me reassured every single time despite knowing that I'm always so paranoid about everything. Thank you for always keeping me secured about all my insecurities and having me make sure that I'm always not upset, make sure that I'm alright before heading to do smth. Thank you for not giving up on me thou the days have been so rough and tough and it wasn't always sail smoothly, days when I wanna give up on everything, thank you for always pushing me through and pushing me forward. From all the little strolls, staying up the late at night together just for the company of each other, gazing stars together, talking about dreams and future together, surprising me on valentine day, little surprises that you do for me, all the little handmade cards, I love you Joshua. Happy 1st bae. And many more to come. '' 


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