Hello people!! So basically, today i've something new to show you guys....
(been waiting quite a while to be writing this post!!!)

So basically, I'm happy to share that Benta Berry Paris is finally here in Singapore!! :)

Dont know what to buy for your girlfriends, friends as christmas presents? :(

How about BB products? :)

Their lovely team have actually sent me a set of their products to try out ;)

There's something special and unique about their products because,

it's all NATURAL! 100% made up of natural ingredients, NO ANIMAL TESTED~ and you don't have to worry on having issues if you're having sensitive skin!

Basically I've very oily skin and when it comes to the end of the day, when it's time to wash off my make up, i could feel the oilyness on my face. Using these products as my daily cleanser actually helps my face to get less oily.

To me, skincare is really an important factor as you definitely do not want to have old and wrinkled skins or even acne skins when you're older, as it'll be harder to cure when you're slightly older, so always do take care of your skin every now and then, have a daily session of cleanse!

So basically, the founder of Benta Berry have came out with these range of products bascially for girls of the age group from 15-30!

There's 3 steps to actually achieving the best look using BB's products!

1) Cleanse

Made from pineapple (deep cleansing and regulating), mango (texture refining), lime (brightening) and coconut (softening).
It's important to have wash your face with cleanser daily as it helps to prevent any acnes on your face or cleans off any dirts on your face. 

2) . Exfoliate 
This treatment helps in removing dead skin cells using a subtle combination of active ingredients from fruits mainly from Brazil and Europe, its exfoliators brighten the face with the delicate action of apricot seeds. 

Will recommend the use of this two or three times a week!

3. Moisturize
This step is definitely a MUST, because when you wash your face, you tend to actually wash off a layer of moisture, hence you definitely have to keep your face in moist back and in the perfect shape again, recommended to use this daily!

They have it not specially for girls only.... but BOYS TOO! 
And not only they have facial products, they do have deodorant spray and body wash too!
All made up of natural ingredients, and what I love the most is the fruity smell of the body wash and the deodorant spray!

and definitely for healthier looking skin!!

Drinking water daily is really important! Do keep in mind of that ;)

Benta Berry Products are available at, http://www.bentaberry.sg
Check out their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/bentaberrysg
Thank you bb team for everything! 


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