So hi people, it's already coming to the end of November 
and it's gonna be a brand new month tomorrow.

Time has fly way too fast than any of us can know of, and definitely right now we're only left with 1 month to a brand new year!!!! OMG 

So basically, a week ago I went to the salon and had a haircut......

Basically the hair dresser kinda trim off all my damaged ends and my hair is currently like mid-length and I dyed my hair a darker shade of brown too....

Do I look better? Kinda miss my old long hair thou :(

With my boo and it was like our 8th anni ;) hehe 

So then was my birthday week... I was really a truly blessed girl. I'm thankful for everything!

Gotten 3 cakes this year, one by my colleagues who actually took the effort to know when will i be coming to office when i actually took quite a bit of leave this week :( 

hehe so touched for the cake and everything guys!! 

And also, krystle and j did a little surprise for me at 12am!!

thank you ;) hehe

So then..... this year, I have no intentions to celebrate my birthday at all until my parents actually decided to get me room as a gift.... :'(

so thankful for them and for everything they've done for me :((( 

So before the mini party started!! 

So these girls... omg we go all the way back man.

This is my 4th birthday that you guys ever celebrated together with me..... Let's go back all the way back! 

Through my 16, 17 and 18, and definitely 19.

Thank you to have you girls always trying to figure out what to get for me and thank you for helping me throughout the party and I'm really glad to have known you girls since my secondary school days and even till now. It's not easy to have friendships that are able to last through for so long but i'm really thankful for everything ;)

And these two people!!!! Haha really a lot a lot of love for you guys for being so impromptu!!!!! People that i actually grow up with and i love you guys hehe

They gave me a new friend called nana (which is a balloon penguin and its super cute?!) 

And yes definitely my squad!! hahaha

can you guys see from our dressing whats the theme?
it's actually bohemian. Haha but yes my squad did it!!!! #squadgoals

And looking back to last year....

don't really know what i am wearing though
(but i was a lot skinnier last year ;( ) 

But these people seen the worst of me but I'm thankful that I still do have you girls, it's always good to have you all around, thanks for always picking up my call in the middle of the night every single time when i needed to talk. and thank you for wiping my tears, seeing me crying off all my make up and giving me a hug on those tough and hard days!! But thank you for laughing with me, on those good and happy days too!!!! many many more to come ;) Just feel that though all 5 of us are so different, but we could clique so well like we've known each other like forever! 

And this year, with J.

There has been many ups and downs but i'm thankful for all the little and big things, and thankful for everything. Though you are so annoying and irritating that some days that i wanna kill you, deep down, i still love you as usual as always. 

19 and blessed and thank you for everything and everyone for coming. 

This year hasnt been really smooth sailing for me but I'm glad to have more opportunities and having a very different view of life, and learning many things in the hard way. Everything that has happened is a lesson to be learnt, and also appreciating things that has happen that is beneficial to yourself. 

Learn to love, and learn to give. 

Will be back more often here, till then x


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