5th monthsary <3

Hey babies out there i'm back here again. Yesterday got back a few of my results. Heh heh was happy that my scores aren't that poor anymore despite me not studying much. But my geography was like a just pass but.. I GONNA STAY IN SCHOOL WITH MR HO during the first two weeks of my june holidays with 11 other people from my class. Aww this is crap man. Hate this hate this :( But my baby promised to come and fetch me everyday for the two weeks :) Heh hehz! Okay then after school ytd went over to church to meet Dorothea and had bible study with Krystle Yuting Samuel Louis. It's very very very hilarious on the bus back. Haha had fun laughing with Samuel Louis and Krystle so much ^^ After that met baby at cck then we went to walk walk and then went to lepak lepak heh hehz. Had heart2heart with him and then back home was on phone with him talking about how we both started.. our first date and everything. It really reminds me alot about the changes this relationship have, how strong we both are now.
Today, went schl and went to disturb people heh hehz. After school, went over to meet baby. My poor boy was sleeping so soundly when I was waiting for him furiously man. Then all my plans and everything didn't work. So we caught the movie Uninvited and then went to eat ^^ and then home sweet home.

Happy fifth monthsary to you and me! ^^

There's so much things that I wanna tell you you know! The small card I gave ya isn't enough space lah!! ^^ Well thankyou for being with me through the toughest time and staying by my side encouraging me. We've been through so much, all the ups and downs. Yet the feeling never goes off, but it stays closer and even stronger within us. Thankyou for being such an understanding, caring, thoughtful, encouraging, sweet and adorable boyfriend! :) Thankyou for letting me in at times when I throw tantrums at you like some bitch, thankyou for understanding how girls' mood can be like to the max despite how I behave towards you. Thankyou for wiping my tears when I cry so hard, thankyou for yr shoulder to let me lie on when I feel so tired and restless. Thankyou for grabbing me up whenever I fall, being the strongest pillar of support. Thankyou for your piggybacks when I felt so extremely tired. Thankyou for trying your best to make me smile, make me laugh whenever I feel so down so sad, you aren't negative about it yet you trying your best to be happy and make me smile. Thankyou for your concerns, for taking care of me when I'm sick despite how pale and horrible I'll look like. Thankyou for yr surprises for the two carebears, haha you always make me wonder what will you do next man. You're the first guy that I ever thought of spending my whole lifetime with, we'll still be hands in hands walking down the streets in future. You got the smile which melts my heart wholeheartedly. Thank God that I had you in my life, I love you so much,Cyrus. Happy 150th day.

Haha aww this is so long right. I also know that kay~ Haha this friday and saturday gonna be a blast man ^^ Shall go off now.

With love,
Regina xoxo.

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YourBoy :) said...

Heehee thanks for the times where you come and fetch me too waiting for me and stuffs i love you too
baby =D.
Your Boy Is Sorry For Sleeping Heehee XD

Regina Pek You Are The Nicest,Sweetest,Cutiest Girl i Ever found in my life and i want to spend it with you my whole life .
BabyGirl I Love You So Much :]

BoyBoy :]

Krystle said...

awww ! so sweet :D

Chermainee Felice said...

You can only h2h talk with me okay!
Hahaha. I miss having h2h talk with you.

Regina said...

YourBoy > Well baby thanks for everything in this 5th month. Haha I thanked God for you entering my life bringing the happiness in. You're the sunshine that never fails to make me smile when I feel so down. Heh heh luv you :)

Krystle > Aww i luv you too :)

Chermaine > Haha same here! When's our next h2h talk man? :) SOON. Misses you, my dearest pony.


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