Baby you pumped my heart up

It's finally weekends yo. Yay time to party man :) Thursday after schl went out to find baby. Heh hehz went to buy our stuffs and thanks for the tee ya bought ^^
Today, after schl went out to meet my pri schl cliques yo. Haha managed to meet some only.
Wanted to celebrate Yuenshin's birthday but in the end was cancelled. After that went off to Beldric's party. Haha went there late and every fun thing was like over already. So hence land up in his house watching movie. Haha it wasn't a blast at all :( The security guards are damn fucked up. Okay then cabbed home and now i'm home.

Haha look at Eugene's hair. Cmi cmi!! Yayz shall go out with them pretty soon. Awww another party tml at Chrystal's condo. Yayz let's have fun i like i like ^^

Happy birthday to Yuenshin,Beldric and Tan Xinyi :)
All three are close/ used to be so close with me. Heh hehz luv you three. Tan Xinyi that bitch says that she doesnt miss me. Aww hurt my feeling. :(

We'll continue down walking down this road, till the way up to heaven.

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xxiaozhong said...

still the same.
How's ur exam result?
last Long
tc xD

Regina said...

xxiaozhong > Haha i'm fine too :) Haha my results are alright luh. Haha thanks shall see ya around soon :)

Jasmine said...

hey where did you bought your vintage sling bag and how much does it cost? it's nice. thanks and takecare!


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