Happy 14, Krystle.


The last paper was pretty challenging eh? <: Haha thank god I did have time to finish! Last week, Tuesday, Had my home econ paper and I don't know any thing about it. Haha. Met Seemin and then we went to lepak! ^^ Haha this stupid girl don't know how to take train one horh. Make me wait somemore! :( Haha. Wednesday, Went out with Max Weien Irene Jingting. Went to bugis > city hall > Clarke quay. Haha me and Irene bought our swimming suit already! :) Haha had a great time with them. Luvluvz <: Thursday, Went to meet my baby. Haha lepak lepak again. Then went to hub to eat sushi. And then was looking around for his bag. Friday, Went out earlier to meet Weien Max Weijie Irene and Jingting before Krystle's party. Accompanied them to pierce and some of them got their lip and nose piercings. Then headed off to her house and then all of them was there already. Went to swim with Irene at night and the water was bloody cold. But went to sauna after that :) Haha went to lepak with the rest and see them eat. Then the birthday cake was out and then there were a blast of cake smashing. Haha yuting kena so much lah suay. Then after that had h2h talk with Chermaine. Was great lah though it's real short. Then home after that as I wasn't feeling okay.
Happy 14 my dearest happyseed, Krystle!
It's been 2 years or even longer since I've known ya. Haha though we always drift drift drift one but our friendship is always so strong, even the wind also cannot blow us down. You heard me cry, listen to my troubles, lend a shoulder, give hugs to me when i'm feeling so so down. We quarrel because we concerned too much of each other. Remember when we were both so young and went to take neoprints! Haha that was sec1. Sec1 with my bloody hairstyle rmb? <: Rmb us laughing so loud at bugis junction before? Remember times whereby we shop? Suntan? :) Had icecream together? :) Being the pooriest girl in town? <: Remembering us buying bread together and sit down somewhere like ahpek! Haha. You're forever deeply placed in my heart, same as the rest of the girls. Though we might not be so so close like a part anymore, but you all are forever inside my heart. Luvz you krystle darling, muah muah <:

What the fuck you want from me. I really really dislike for whatever your mind's thinking. Mummy, I hope you really could understand that i've changed. I felt so lousy ya know. You don't understand me. Yes.. you don't.

Aww I missed my babyboy so so much. It's 5:52 AM now. I felt so hungry and bored.. Anyway join the mailing list of AmaranthineRoses and support us now!

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Ng Yuting said...

haha, lover!
yes! i lurbbbb lurbbb euu! hhaahaaha!! LOL <33

SuperHeros said...


Regina said...

SuperHeros > Haha hello aiai :)
Yuting > I lubbbb-ing you more. ^^

Michelle Lim said...

hahah due to some reasons, i miss you :)

krystle said...

haha ! thankyou regina ! that was a veryvery touching word ! :D haha :D MUAHS ! anw , monday want shop or sunday want ton ? :P i really wanna ton but always cannot find the right person to ton with :D haha :D luvs you :D relax , i believe that ne day ur mom will open her eyes and see that you are her best daughter in the world ! :D

Chermainee Felice said...

Hey, my dear. :D
I really enjoy the h2h talk. :D
I hope we can really talk all things out one day, and it's must be very long not like yesterday so short.
Cheer up alrights. i luvz your face when you smile. :D
See you tomorrow. :D

Regina said...

Michelle > Uh what reason! :( Awww i misss you.
Krystle > Haha I always want a sleepover with you one. Aww it's been long since we guys go out to shop right. Yes june holidays gonna be a blast ^^ Heh heh much love. My mum arh, haha i always disappoints her so badly. How to be the best daughter? :)
Chermaine > Haha I agree. Ytd was damn short. Let's talk things out one day! Haha. having h2h talk with you was really great. Haha you too don't emo ler horh. Luv you and see ya tml <:


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