My heart beats for your presence

Today's Saturday. I spent my day sleeping for the whole day till evening. I felt so weak in the morning was vomitting so hardcorely. Went out to meet baby during evening. Haha we went to Old Woodlands and had alot of fun there. I don't know why I luv Cyrus so so so much horh. Haha. I'm going to do all this stuffs this holiday!
  • Deco my room.
  • Buy new tops and bottoms and dresses!
  • Earn $$ and save $$
  • Picnic! ^^
  • Suntan :)
  • Enjoy to the fullest. Haha!

Okay I shall go off now. Yay church tml :) Toro from taiwan's coming. OMG HOT GUY! ^^ Byebye with flying kisses. Xoxo.

It seems to be so long already since we've been together. 4 more days to 5th month, how fast is that right. The feeling I first had for you, till now it's still the same. Perhaps even stronger than before. We've gone through so much, the longer we're together, the stronger this relationship is.
Happy 146th day my dearest boy, I luv you deeply like before.

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