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Hi sweetlings i'm finally back. It's been a very exhausted week. Last Sunday went over to church as usual. Had deliverance the presence was really strong. Tears flowed down, I was moved and got so touched. After service went over to meet babyboy. Yesterday gave school a miss. Meet up with my babyboy. He's so blur that he actually forgot that he's having exams on that day. Haha we spent the day walking around at the park, having h2h, eating, spending money. I broke down ytd after keeping so much to myself.. I actually weeped. I used to think that it was okay, i'm strong enough to handle. Yet actually I'm so weak inside. Today went to schlz and schlz very boring. I h8 it so much. Shall give a miss to schlz tml :) Met babyboy at cck just now. Heh hehz. Pixx-tures here i come.

I didn't realise time flies so fast. I thought I was just giving bgr a try again, but a try leads to such a wonderful relationship. If there wasn't you in my life 5 months ago, there weren't be what I am now. I think we've been through those very very tough times, even when I feel like giving up, you're always there grabbing me up and asked me to stand strong. I think you're the first guy who could give in to me so much, who could really tolerate me. Tolerate me for my naggings, tolerate me for how noisy I am, tolerate me for how crazy how wild I can be. Tolerating my bloody attitude. I admit I'm not the prettiest, not the cutest, not the sweetest girlfriend, not the ideal girlfriend any guy wishes for. But I'm the luckiest,happiest girl on earth, cause I'm holding hands down the road with a special guy, that is you.

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