Hi ya. I've spent my whole day at home except for the 1/2 hour out with my parents. Haha gave schlz a miss again. Sorry girls didn't join you all for the amazing race and sorry Krystle for not helping out with the duty. I sleep alot, eat alot, stare blindly at the laptop screen, daydream, moodswing alot. My cramps are hurting me so badly you see. Haha thanks for bitchzxs being there for me who actually wanted to cheer me up. Heh hehz :) I keep waiting and waiting for that bastard to call me. Yay i'm finally going out tmlz. Last week's pixxx. Thanks Josephine! :)

My girls, how irreplaceable they are.
My dearest Chermaine Pony, I'm always here for you kay. H2h talk, call my number. 8 numbers only don't lazy press! Haha cheerup kay. Luvz you many many and I missed ya so much :)

Aww my june holidays are gonna be boring i guess. 2 weeks in schlz for being punished. haha i think i'm gonna run. or even fly away from there. I'm gonna work at dad's office to do attachment. Gonna be boring but there's money finally. I want to bake muffins! I want to go out shoppingz. I want to party! Picnics, anyone? :)
Anywayz, i know you people are very very nice!! Visit!! And support me with the preorder above? :) Thanks babies. Luvz you all kay.
Anywayz i think my bro is very zai. He got 2nd in class. Haha i've never got higher than top 5 for my grades. And i think in his life, it's the fifth or sixth time already!! :( Aww i'm so jealous and i wonder why am i so dumb.

I'm desperate for your voice, call me please my pretty boy? :(

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:] Cyrus :] said...

Sorry Baby =(
Didn't call you last few days cos my parents and bro is home and my dumb exams not over sorry babygirl
I Love you :]

And i am not a BASTARD =(

Regina said...

Cyrus > Sorry for scolding ya a bastard yep. I'm very very sad you know. I can't describe how fking much i missed you. Aww :( YAY TML MEETING YOU. HAHA *SMILES* :)


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