6th monthsary in advance

Today's such a happy day. Met love at far east plaza supposingly to buy his top but didnt in the end. While waiting for him catch up with Krystle on the line alil :) We went dee-ly-dare-ly in town then went off to jurong to get our picnic items ready then headed off to botanic. I was feeling so sad that the sky was turning dark soon when we reach there. Haha but thank God the sun was very bright even when it's reaching 7pm. Amen!! :) Okay we did rubbish we did nonsense we did nothing much there. We just eat eat eat and take photo and spam. After that went to look for our stuffz then had h2h at cck. We had picnic is actually to celebrate our.. 6th monthsary in advance! :)

This is us most probably around 1 month plus when we're together :)
And this is now. Haha.
You never fails to be the sunshine brightening up my life when i'm feeling so down so lost, when I need someone so badly you're always the first to come beside me and give me a little hug. You ever cabbed over in the midnight to my house just to cheer me up. I know of you keeping troubles inside your heart, as you didn't want me to worry much about you. Remember times when you're in genting last yr? You called me almost every night when you're over there. Remember the first movie we watched together? We were so shy when we're beside each other. But in the end both of us took the step to move closer. Remember the first time we were talking to each other on the line? Your voice was so nice or rather a need of me to hear it before I sleep every night. Remember times when you ignored me and I feel sad, you'll tend to realise it and move closer to me and let me in your embrace. Remember times when I cry at the playground, you wipe all my tears and told me not to cry. Remember times we hang out at vivo, we went to our secret place to slack where there's no one there only the both of us. In the past, I thought you were just a friend there for me to share my little secrets, to share my problems and my troubles.. yet things doesnt just meant to be only like this.

You turns out to be, a guy who I wanna spend my life with. A guy who touched and melted my heart, a guy who understands me inside outside. A guy who could tolerate my everything, a guy who changed me for a better, a guy who brighten up my life, a guy whom I love him so much inside out. We've both changed alot I guess, but there's one thing between us that never changes, which is the love within us. It's still so deep, so irreplaceable. There'll never be a second you on this earth, honey. Though the 3 words, " i love you" seemed like a phrase to us in our daily lifes, but it's still the 3 simple words I wanna tell you. I love you, Cyrus. Never got enough of you, but I want more and more of you. Happy 6th monthsary in advance boy.
I'm leaving for Bintan tmlz, kisses goodbye to all :)

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Cyrus :] said...

Heehee xD
My Babyyyy SO SWEET With words.!!
Hahs omggg i will miss you this 3days i cancel my camp so that on the 20th we can spend our 6th month together le.
I Love you babygirl!!

Muackzxzx HAKWL!!

Krystle said...

aww ! so sweet ! you are tagging me in bintan ! haha . takecare

scorpiiongalgal said...

You have been tagg-ed to do the quiz at my blogg. =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much you brought this camera?


Regina said...

Cyrus > Heh hehz thanks for yr messages kay i've seen them already :) Luv you so much honey.
krystle > haha yes i'm that nice right. i'm back in sg already darling :)
scorpiiongalgal > haha sure i'll do them soon kay? :) meet up soon bernice! ^^
Anon > Around $400? Not sure :)

Chrystal said...

Hey, commented. Wanna go catch a movie with shimin? :)

Regina said...

Chrystal > Yes my precious! Aww i mizz you all man. :(

Ng Yuting said...

haha, miss you too :)

Regina said...

Yuting > See ya tmlz my love! ^^


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