180 days

Hi huns, i'm back in sg last night. The 3 days in bintan was pretty great. Relax and did enjoy it.
Day 1,
Reached there. Had seafood in the noon as lunch then went over to the resort. I can't imagine I slept for the whole afternoon there. I found myself alone sleeping inside the resort when others were suntanning outside. Wth. At night had western food as dinner.
Day 2,
Woke up the latest. Had buffet breakfast and the food was like shit. Aftermath we went over to some towns in Bintan, shopped alil. Then had seafood again. Haha then went back to resort sleep.
Day 3,
Woke up early to see the sunrise. It was really beautiful, there were so many people like us waking up in the morning just for that. After breakfast suntan for the whole noon. Then went over to the ferry terminal and walked around. Then home sweet home.
Okie me and my brother. We don't look alike i know. Heh hehz.
Today went out to meet up with my loverboy. Caught the movie Ghost of ex girlfriends' past. It didn't turn out as what I thought it was like, but after all it was quite meaningful. After that went over to his house and babyboy cooked for me noodles as my dinner. Heh hehz then lepak lepak for a while then headed home.

Happy 180th day, 6th monthsary to my loverboy!
Though our minds are both so different, but we got the same fate which brought us together.
It's hard for you to put yourself in my shoes I understand, as it's hard for me to put myself in your shoes too.
But whatever it is, we'll hang on tight like we always do.
You're just the guy that I could have place all my love on, making me falling in love with you so deep. I love you babycasper, xoxo :)

More pixx over at facebook. And there would be a new collection coming up on http://amaranthinecollections.blogspot.com/! So stay tune :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi , u got tongue piercing? Jus a passer by.

ViennaLim said...

nana, I miss you alot :(. Gonna see you soon when school reopens! love you<3

Xinying said...


Regina said...

Anon > Yeah.
Vienna > Haha I mizz you alot too my nana! Yep yep see ya soon. Luv you too <:
Xinying >Haha bintan got beach only. No hot guys nothing. Only bikini babes i saw. And yes bintan sunrise is totally chio! 8)


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