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I'm feeling so tired. I've been sleeping for the whole noon till 10pm just now. I'm back from church camp, don't you people mizz me :( The camp was a very enjoyable one, service was great. But after all I preferred last year's one. The night walk for this year was kinda crappy cause we're all blindfolded but I saw every single thing happening outside. Haha. We did Singapore Records of using 2010 lightsticks to form a logo for the olympics games. The night was very beautiful I swear kay. I met Eugene Chan in the camp, haha he's such a idoit to diaoz me all the way man. It was enjoyable in a way that I got my girls around too. Oh yeah before I went to campz, I met baby before he leaves for Malaysia. Heh hehz had a great evening with him. We've not been sleeping well as we've been awake in nights together. Aww i'm missing my honey so much man. Anyway I got so many overdued pixx. I lost my voice during the camp. Aww. Support!!

I'm awaiting for tml for you to be back. It's been 4 days since I last seen you. I mizz you so much and how i wish you're here with me now. I mizzed your voice so much.. as I never fails to hear your voice every night. I playbacks all our recordings, I look at all our pixx together. Honey you're not any ordinary guy on streets, but the only key to open my heart and melt it. You aren't like any bastards outside, but you treat me with all your love and pamper me. You might have already spolit me long ago, but my love for you have never changed. It's still the same since 173 days. We've walked thru different kind different types of path together, we've walked all that together with joy and unhappiness. But I'm happy, cause I got you beside me still. You never move away from me, never fails to make a smile on my face, you never fails to melt my heart each time I'm together with you, i'm lucky to have you. There's still so much to walk together with you, we can make it together, can't we? :) Let's walk on further together, I luvz you my honeybunny. I'm stuck in yr embrace baby.

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