Best friends forever

I'm so sorry for being such a bad friend, boobs. Since young, you're always there for me. Gossips with me, bitch together with me, laugh together, jump together, sad together, emo together. You never fails to be there when I'm stuck in relationships, you know every single shit about me. Through inside and outside. We know everything about each other so wellz. Remember times we always write letters to each other? :) Sneaking into each other's classes? Even in secondary schoolz, we tried to sneak into each other's schoolz. Remember times we had truth and dare together and we did something so disgurting together? *Our secret okay? :)* Remembering us drinking together in the chalet, sitting on the swing together. Crying together. Everytime I cry, I'll always think about you. You're the first one who heard me crying thru the phone. The first time I broke down, you're the first one there for me. There might be times we bitch about each other, times we quarrel like fuck, but all bad times of that are over. We've gone thru thicks and thins. I'm sorry my dear girl, I love you deeply still. Neo geok koon, you're not a ordinary friend I could find on streets, but you're a precious gem that it's one and only on earth. You'll never be replace by any other one. Outside world might see you as a ordinary one, but to me, you meant a bloodbond-ship, and you make the 3 words, "best friends forever", so true.

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Renee said...

Regina, mind relinking? :)

Joy said...

Hi Reginaaaaaa:)

Chrystal. said...

Hey lovely, how's life? Havent been talking to ya. If anything goes wrong in life, you can always count on me and your friends. ^^ We'll be here for ya yep! Message me anytime girl.

SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

Aww, that's so sweet for the friend you're referring to :) Anws, taggszx pretty angel !

Regina said...

Renee > Haha sure my girl.
Joy > Hi Joyyyy :)
Chrystal > Well lovely i mizzed you alot man. Yeah i'm alright my girl :) Thanks for yr concern alright. I'm here for you anytime too kay, luvz you 2bits :)
Sabrina > Haha thanks angel for tagging. Luvz you :)

Grace said...

Hey girl, :) may i ask where did you buy your white dress?

Regina said...

Grace > Haha actually i forgot. I think you can try bugis or far east. :)

Grace said...

Mind if you could take a picture of it? (Front & Back) :) That would be great.


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