Can you imagine that I'm having high fever now typing infront of my laptop. Is there really something wrong? Dumbfuck I really don't know. I feel so breathless.. maybe I'm feeling really tired. Can you really tell me why? I've been weeping for nights. I don't even know why am I crying for fking goodness sake. I just cry all I want. I need a hug very badly, can someone just hold me so tight and never let go until it's a minute? Spare me just one minute. One minute.. will do.

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Forgetmxy said...

are you okay sunshine? i miss you:( remember what we promised last time? .. :(

Vienna.l said...

nana, dont sad! I'm always here for you. Anything just call me up ok? Remember that'I'll always luv you.

SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

Angelzsx ):
Cheer upzsx !
& Get Well soon (:
Holidays are here, don't get too upset alrights !

Chermainee Felice said...

Heyhey! Thanks for the day, my dear! :D I luvz you. i enjoy mostwhen we'r walking back to yck mrt station! :D And from yck back to cck. :D

Regina said...

Xinyu > I'm okay my sunshine. I miss you too :( Yeah why we didn't meet!! :( Call me out soon babe, i'll be waiting :)
Vienna > Thanks nana. I luv you too :)
Sabrina > Haha thanks angel :)
Chermaine > Haha fun right. Next time go out again :) I luv you my little ponyz :)


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